Supportive rental community a bright light after Taigum man’s life-changing surgery

May 6, 2022 | 0 comments

Brain surgery survivor Clayton Henderson, of Taigum, considers himself to be “one of the lucky ones”.

Essential medical treatment resulted in Mr Henderson being unemployed and fearful for his future, but he credits the supportive community and affordable home he found at Ingenia Rental Taigum with changing his life.

He is now calling on policy makers to support more communities like Ingenia Rental which allow people like him the security, dignity, camaraderie and affordability of their own neighbourhood.

According to vacancy rate data conducted by, Greater Brisbane’s rental availability fell from 1.5 per cent in February 2021 to 0.5 per cent last month[1].

In the same period, demand has seen prices rise 19.5 per cent for houses and 6.2 per cent for units.[2]

Mr Henderson attributes his successful recovery from surgery in part to the affordable home and supportive community he found at Ingenia Rental Taigum.

The rental market has exploded and rent keeps getting higher. The problem now is that while this is a great place, there just aren’t enough spots for new renters. We just need more of this type of community.

Clayton Henderson

Recent research conducted by SQM also revealed that Brisbane rents had increased 17.3 per cent in the last year, 7.3 per cent in the last quarter and more than 2 per cent in the last week[1].

 Ingenia Rental Taigum Community Manager Amelia Mackay said the affordability, quality and flexibility of the community’s rentals meant that they were often at capacity.

Unfortunately, this means that we often only have a handful of homes available and it’s really hard to turn people away when you know they just don’t have options.

Amelia Mackay

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